Our approach to interventions is based on the same principles we teach Executive Leadership teams.  It is our LIGHT system. 


LOVE - We assemble key individuals who will assist the team to create a plan based on love and compassion. 

INSPIRATION- The team members agree to seek inspiration and guidance as to their personal responsibility in the recovery process. 

GRATITUDE - We believe that gratitude is a way of BEING and can be instrumental in helping family to remember the goodness and Godness in all of us. 

HONESTY - We assist each member of the team to willingly look at all strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and family system that have contributed to being stuck in addiction. 

TRUST - We help create a system of rebuilding trust through personal evaluation and contribution by each team member. 


We assist in creating an intervention which will include some or all of the follwing: 

  • Intensive Rehab Counseling
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Family Recovery Counseling
  • Family Reconciliation Plan
  • Return to Work Support
  • Post-Rehab Counseling & Mentoring
  • 12 Step Meetings & Sponsorship

Most of our families work with us for the first year of recovery.  It takes time and dedication for families to heal.  While there are no guarantees, families who work with recovery mentors and counselors experience fewer relapses and if the relapse occurs, the length of relapse is significantly less.