We have dedicated our lives to healing. Some of our family members were unable to find recovery in this life. Our calling is to live our lives so that theirs will have mattered.

who we are

We believe that we are all recovering from the same thing - Spiritual Amnesia.  Our human condition is all that is required for recovery.  Our human condition is the thing.  We all experience a dream from which we are called to awaken.  This dream state is filled with illusions that stem from fear.  Fear manifests as worry, anxiety, anger, self-deprecation, depression and the list goes on.  We treat or numb these fears by reaching out for alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, relationships, pornography and other outside things to quell the fear.  And it's never enough. 


Larendee Roos is the founder of Recovery Miracles.  She is an ordained minister and licensed clinical hypnotherapist.  She is an Executive Coach, specializing in strategic intervention work within teams and recovery.  For the last 13 years, she has consulted and advised corporate executives on professional, personal and spiritual development.  She was the Executive Vice President of Operations and Acquisitions for Extra Space Storage, the 2nd largest Self Storage REIT in the US, for 16 years.

Larendee has dedicated her life to study of many ancient wisdom practices -- religious and non-religious.  She is also a student of behavioral psychology, strategic intervention, and multiple healing modalities.  She counsels with each client to help them find  the method that is best for their healing and continued growth.